Kingston Amateur Regatta

Saturday 12th July 2008

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race Winner Second ThirdTimeVerdict 1:2Verdict 2:3
109:00S4.4+42WBKWalbrook RCTFNTiffin School BCOACOxford Academicals RC3:111/2 length1 length
209:05S4.4+42GRTGrantaULOUniversity of LondonMAAMortlake Anglian & Alpha BCNTT4 lengths1/2 length
309:10S4.4+43TRCThames RCWOOWolfson College, OxfordSONSons of the Thames RC3:171/4 length4 lengths
409:15S4.4+43COXCity of Oxford RCPARParrs PrioryCURCurlew RC3:196 feet4 lengths
509:20N.1X50VRCVesta RC (Wong Min)ETXEton Excelsior RC (Cann)WBKWalbrook RC (Lukes)3:494 lengths4 lengths
609:25N.1X50MINMinerva Bath RC (Whetherly)ETXEton Excelsior RC (Aspey)GLBGlobe RC (Hollier)3:47easilyeasily
709:30N.1X52TRCThames RC (Dorrance-King)GUIGuildford RC (Hopkins)SONSons of the Thames RC (Sumter)3:373 lengths4 lengths
809:35N.1X52ETXEton Excelsior RC (Littlewood)VRCVesta RC (Galavotti)3:461 1/4 lengths 
909:40S2.1X68MBCMolesey BC (Keane)BAUBath University BC (Gregory)KGSKingston Grammar School (Smalman-Smith)3:232 lengths4 lengths
1009:45S2.1X68GLBGlobe RC (Jaques)BAUBath University BC (Odam)3:281/2 length 
1109:50WS4.4+80PARParrs PrioryWOOWolfson College, OxfordETXEton Excelsior RC (A)3:381 lengtheasily
1209:55S3.1X71ETXEton Excelsior RC (Wiggins)BAUBath University BC (Mcdougall)3:41easily 
1310:00WS4.4+80ABNAbingdon RCTRCThames RCOACOxford Academicals RC3:302 feet5 lengths
1410:05WS4.4+80WBKWalbrook RCETXEton Excelsior RC (B)CURCurlew RCNTT3/4 length5 lengths
1510:10WS3.2X75VRCVesta RC (Barkensjo/Dempster)UTCUpper Thames RC (Holt/Birch)BBLBarnes Bridge Ladies RC (Buckley/Moir)3:334 lengthsRow Over
1610:15S3.4+56SONSons of the Thames RCTFNTiffin School BCWOOWolfson College, Oxford3:126 feet6 feet
1710:20S3.4+56TWKTwickenham RCGUIGuildford RCCYGCygnet RC3:121/2 lengtheasily
1810:25S3.1X71GRTGranta (Kerr)TWKTwickenham RC (Nelson)3:241 length 
1910:30S3.1X71WEYWeybridge RC (Garrett)ULOUniversity of London (Lort)TRCThames RC (Bradbury)3:352 lengthsRow Over
2010:35WS3.2X75GUIGuildford RC (Martiniussen/Bartlett)MAAMortlake Anglian & Alpha BC (Blackburn/Pryce-Jones)TWKTwickenham RC (Butler/Hurran)3:424 lengths1/2 length
2110:40S3.2X73KRCKingston Rowing Club (Lloyd/Wood)WBKWalbrook RC (Black/Makinson)NTT5 lengths 
2210:45S1.2- ETXEton Excelsior RC (Wiggins/Fenn)STNStaines BC (Garrod/Cannon)LRCLondon RC (Hudson/Hudson)3:191 1/2 lengthseasily
2310:50WS3.8+76CUWCambridge University WBC (Surtees)SONSons of the Thames RCPARParrs PrioryNTT2 lengths3 lengths
2410:55WS4.1X UTCUpper Thames RC (Holt)TRCThames RC (Townsend)VRCVesta RC (Wright)3:521 length3 lengths
2511:00WS3.8+76CUWCambridge University WBC (Eldred)VRCVesta RC3:151 1/2 lengths 
2611:05S4.1X69TFNTiffin School BC (Bott)TSSTideway Scullers School (Turner)NTTRow Over 
2711:10S4.1X69VRCVesta RC (Wong Min)ULOUniversity of London (Anyiam)WBKWalbrook RC (Sawtell)3:412 lengthseasily
2811:15WN.2X70GUIGuildford RC (Spruce/Kendall)KRCKingston Rowing Club (Tan/Sandys)NTT2 1/2 lengths 
2911:20S4.1X69GRTGranta (Blessley)KRCKingston Rowing Club (Dobbs)3:45easily 
3011:25WN.2X70CURCurlew RC (Wallen/Dyson)KRCKingston Rowing Club (Warner/Ayling)WEYWeybridge RC (Bowen/Lynch)3:404 lengths1 length
3211:35N.2X82ETXEton Excelsior RC (Roberts/Aspey)COXCity of Oxford RC (Wearne/Combe)3:412 1/2 lengths 
3311:40N.8+78GRTGrantaPARParrs Priory3:034 lengths 
3411:45N.8+78CURCurlew RCTWK/MAATwickenham/MortlakeNTT3 1/2 lengths 
3511:50WS3.1X77ABNAbingdon RC (Marshall)TSSTideway Scullers School (Kellner)VRCVesta RC (Hedges)NTT4 lengths2 lengths
3111:50S3.2X73LRCLondon RC (Hudson/Hudson)ETXEton Excelsior RC (Christie-Rundle/Williams)3:213 1/2 lengths 
3611:55WN.8+72CUWCambridge University WBCTRCThames RCMBCMolesey BC3:123 lengths1 length
3712:00WS1.2- BBLBarnes Bridge Ladies RC (Hall/Guiniven)VRCVesta RC (Donovan/Barkensjo)COXCity of Oxford RC (Findlay/Howlett)3:35easily3 1/2 lengths
3812:05WS1.4-85BBLBarnes Bridge Ladies RCVRCVesta RC3:214 lengths 
3912:10N.2X82KRCKingston Rowing Club (Mcloughlin/Hayes)WEYWeybridge RC (Beagley/Kirk)GUIGuildford RC (Woowat/Hopkins)3:252 lengths3/4 length
4012:15WS3.1X77MBCMolesey BC (Farmer)ETXEton Excelsior RC (Butterworth)TRCThames RC (Townsend)NTTeasily2 lengths
4112:20N.2X82ETXEton Excelsior RC (Cann/Littlewood)ULOUniversity of London (Heller/Dight)COXCity of Oxford RC (Fisk/Aiken)3:291 lengtheasily
4212:25S4.4+79GRTGrantaWBKWalbrook RC3:093 lengths 
4312:30S4.4+79TRCThames RCCOXCity of Oxford RC3:133 1/2 lengths 
6812:35S2.1X GLBGlobe RC (Jaques)MBCMolesey BC (Keane)3:353/4 length 
4413:35WS3.4+84VRCVesta RCSONSons of the Thames RC (Harper)NTT1 3/4 lengths 
4513:40WS3.4+84TWKTwickenham RCBBLBarnes Bridge Ladies RCGLBGlobe RC3:35easily 
4613:45WS3.4+84SONSons of the Thames RC (Turnock)COXCity of Oxford RCNTT2 1/4 lengths 
4713:50WN.1X83MAAMortlake Anglian & Alpha BC (Rolfsman)CUWCambridge University WBC (Allen)TRCThames RC (O Riordan)NTTeasilyRow Over
4813:55WN.4+87WBKWalbrook RCMAAMortlake Anglian & Alpha BCBBLBarnes Bridge Ladies RCNTT3/4 length4 lengths
4914:00S4.4X ULOUniversity of LondonLDU/TTR/TWKLeeds Uni/Tradesmens/TwickenhamKRCKingston Rowing Club2:531/2 length1/2 length
5014:05N.1X74MINMinerva Bath RC (Whetherly)VRCVesta RC (Wong Min)3:421 length 
5114:10WN.1X83VRCVesta RC (Dempster)MAVMaidstone Invicta RC (Ollier)WLTWalton RC (Porter)3:524 lengthsRow Over
5214:15N.1X74TRCThames RC (Dorrance-King)ETXEton Excelsior RC (Littlewood)3:352 lengths 
5314:20WN.8+72VRCVesta RCSONSons of the Thames RCNTT1 1/2 lengths 
5414:25WN.4+87OACOxford Academicals RCWBK/WEYWalbrook/Weybridge3:57easily 
5514:30WS1.4-85COXCity of Oxford RCTWKTwickenham RCNTTeasily 
5614:35S3.4+ TWKTwickenham RCSONSons of the Thames RC3:103 lengths 
5714:40S4.8+88GRTGrantaMAAMortlake Anglian & Alpha BCPARParrs PrioryNTT2 lengths3/4 length
5814:45S1.2X BAUBath University BC (Gregory/Odam)UTCUpper Thames RC (Smith/Cleaver)KGS/NRCKingston Grammar/Nottingham (Smalman-Smith/Dobbs)3:102 feetRow Over
5914:50S4.8+88CURCurlew RCWBKWalbrook RCULOUniversity of LondonNTT1/2 length 
6014:55WS4.8+90ABNAbingdon RCCUWCambridge University WBC (Plint)ETXEton Excelsior RCNTT1 1/2 lengths3 lengths
6115:00N.4+91GUIGuildford RCGRTGrantaOACOxford Academicals RC2:591 1/2 lengths3 lengths
6215:05WN.4+87SONSons of the Thames RCWOOWolfson College, OxfordCURCurlew RC3:202 1/2 lengths1 length
6315:10WS4.8+90TRCThames RCVRCVesta RCOACOxford Academicals RC2:561 1/4 lengthseasily
6415:15WS4.8+90CUWCambridge University WBC (McLoughlin)TWKTwickenham RCNTT 
6515:20WS2.8+ BBLBarnes Bridge Ladies RCKRCKingston Rowing ClubNTT1/2 length 
6615:25N.4+91BRXBroxbourne RCULOUniversity of LondonVRCVesta RC3:161 lengthRow Over
6715:30N.4+91ETXEton Excelsior RCPARParrs PrioryCOXCity of Oxford RC3:051 1/2 lengths2 lengths
6915:40S4.1X GRTGranta (Blessley)VRCVesta RC (Wong Min)TFNTiffin School BC (Bott)3:345 lengths3 lengths
7015:45WN.2X CURCurlew RC (Wallen/Dyson)GUIGuildford RC (Spruce/Kendall)3:481 1/2 lengths 
7115:50S3.1X GRTGranta (Kerr)ETXEton Excelsior RC (Wiggins)WEYWeybridge RC (Garrett)3:273 lengths2 lengths
7215:55WN.8+ CUWCambridge University WBCVRCVesta RC3:10easily 
7316:00S3.2X KRCKingston Rowing Club (Lloyd/Wood)LRCLondon RC (Hudson/Hudson)3:195 lengths 
7416:05N.1X TRCThames RC (Dorrance-King)MINMinerva Bath RC (Whetherly)3:37easily 
7516:10WS3.2X VRCVesta RC (Barkensjo/Dempster)GUIGuildford RC (Martiniussen/Bartlett)3:331 1/2 lengths 
7616:15WS3.8+ CUWCambridge University WBC (Eldred)CUWCambridge University WBC (Surtees)3:061 2/3 lengths 
7716:20WS3.1X MBCMolesey BC (Farmer)ABNAbingdon RC (Marshall)3:421 length 
7816:25N.8+ CURCurlew RCGRTGranta2:561 1/3 lengths 
7916:30S4.4+ GRTGrantaTRCThames RCNTT2 feet 
8016:35WS4.4+ WBKWalbrook RCABNAbingdon RCPARParrs Priory3:352 feeteasily
8116:40WS4.4X KRCKingston Rowing ClubVRCVesta RC3:26easily 
8216:45N.2X ETXEton Excelsior RC (Roberts/Aspey)KRCKingston Rowing Club (Mcloughlin/Hayes)ETXEton Excelsior RC (Cann/Littlewood)3:222 1/2 lengths1 length
8316:50WN.1X VRCVesta RC (Dempster)MAAMortlake Anglian & Alpha BC (Rolfsman)3:52easily 
8416:55WS3.4+ VRCVesta RCTWKTwickenham RCSONSons of the Thames RC (Turnock)3:351/2 length1/4 length
8517:00WS1.4- BBLBarnes Bridge Ladies RCCOXCity of Oxford RC3:313 1/2 lengths 
8617:05S1.4- GRTGrantaWLTWalton RC3:091 1/4 lengths 
8717:10WN.4+ SONSons of the Thames RCOACOxford Academicals RCWBKWalbrook RC3:454 1/2 lengths1 1/2 lengths
8817:15S4.8+ GRTGrantaCURCurlew RCNTT1 1/2 lengths 
8917:20S3.8+ KRCKingston Rowing ClubSONSons of the Thames RC2:551/4 length 
9017:25WS4.8+ TRCThames RCCUWCambridge University WBC (McLoughlin)ABNAbingdon RC3:171/4 length2 lengths
9117:30N.4+ GUIGuildford RCBRXBroxbourne RCETXEton Excelsior RC3:142 1/4 lengths2 1/2 lengths

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