Kingston Amateur Regatta

Saturday 11th July 2009

Results for Intermediate 3 Sculls

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RaceTimeStatusNext RaceWinnerSecondThirdTimeVerdict 1:2Verdict 2:3
509:19IM3.1X (A)49Calpe (Roman)Thames RC (Jones)Eton Excelsior RC (Dollimore)NTT2 lengths5 lengths
609:23IM3.1X (A)49Curlew RC (Weir)Kingston Rowing Club (Gordon)NTTRow Over 
709:27IM3.1X (A)52Walton RC (Shire)Nephthys (Harvey)First and Third Trinity BC (Ford)4:005 lengths1/2 length
809:31IM3.1X (A)52Radley College Boat Club (Lee)Putney Town RC (McLoughlin)4:054 lengths 
4912:24IM3.1X (A)98Calpe (Roman)Curlew RC (Weir)4:164 lengths 
5212:36IM3.1X (A)98Radley College Boat Club (Lee)Walton RC (Shire)NTTDisqualified 
9816:52IM3.1X (A) Calpe (Roman)Radley College Boat Club (Lee)3:561/3 length 
909:35IM3.1X (B)53Tiffin School BC (Rolls)Granta (Lawes)Auriol Kensington (Von Kaltenborn)3:561/2 length 
1009:39IM3.1X (B)53Thames Tradesmens' RC (Williams)Molesey BC (Collins)NTTRow Over 
1109:43IM3.1X (B)54Nephthys (Simmons)First and Third Trinity BC (Gruessing)Thames RC (Jory)3:532 feeteasily
1209:47IM3.1X (B)54Eton Excelsior RC (Swire)Kingston Rowing Club (Brewer)4:02easily 
5312:40IM3.1X (B)99Tiffin School BC (Rolls)Thames Tradesmens' RC (Williams)3:59easily 
5412:44IM3.1X (B)99Nephthys (Simmons)Eton Excelsior RC (Swire)3:571 length 
9916:56IM3.1X (B) Nephthys (Simmons)Tiffin School BC (Rolls)3:571 foot