Kingston Amateur Regatta

Sunday 12th July 2009

Results for Womens Junior 14 Double Sculls

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RaceTimeStatusNext RaceWinnerSecondThirdVerdict 1:2Verdict 2:3
20108:30W.J14.2X278 / 229Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Bolton/Evans)Marlow RC (Wilding/Cox)Guildford RC (Barron/Murray)1 length2 lengths
20508:44W.J14.2X278 / 229Eton Excelsior RC (Rowley/Hogan)Walbrook Teddington SRA (Sands/Porter)Sir William Perkins School (Marich/Jamieson)3 lengthsa canvas
20608:47W.J14.2X282 / 224Kingston Rowing Club (Talbot/Mayer)Tideway Scullers School (Murphy/Brighton)5 lengths 
27813:15W.J14.2X352Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Bolton/Evans)Eton Excelsior RC (Rowley/Hogan)Guildford RC (Barron/Murray)1 foot3 lengths
28213:13W.J14.2X352Kingston Rowing Club (Talbot/Mayer)Walbrook Teddington SRA (Sands/Porter)easily 
35217:18W.J14.2X Kingston Rowing Club (Talbot/Mayer)Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Bolton/Evans)1 length 
22409:50W.J14.2X (E)278Guildford RC (Barron/Murray)Sir William Perkins School (Marich/Jamieson)Tideway Scullers School (Murphy/Brighton)1 length2 lengths
22910:08W.J14.2X (E)282Walbrook Teddington SRA (Sands/Porter)Marlow RC (Wilding/Cox)Row Over