Kingston Amateur Regatta

Sunday 12th July 2009

Results for Women's Junior 14 Coxed Quads

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race Winner Second ThirdVerdict 1:2Verdict 2:3
23210:18W.J14.4X+338 / 261KRCKingston Rowing Club (Mayer)MHDMaidenhead RC (Blakeslee)WTSWalbrook Teddington SRA (Snyders)1/2 length3 lengths
22109:40W.J14.4X+339 / 260ETXEton Excelsior RC (French)ARD/BEBArdingly/Bewl Bridge (Ardingly/Bewl)TFNTiffin School BC (Talbot)2 lengthseasily
22209:43W.J14.4X+340 / 261LEHLady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Lloyd)SWPSir William Perkins School (Mirpuri)1 1/3 lengths 
22309:47W.J14.4X+340 / 260MARMarlow RC (Dyson)WTSWalbrook Teddington SRA (Williams)a canvas 
33816:29W.J14.4X+382KRCKingston Rowing Club (Mayer)WTSWalbrook Teddington SRA (Williams)3/4 length 
33916:33W.J14.4X+382ETXEton Excelsior RC (French)MHDMaidenhead RC (Blakeslee)1 1/2 lengths 
34016:36W.J14.4X+382LEHLady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Lloyd)MARMarlow RC (Dyson)2 1/2 lengths 
38219:03W.J14.4X+ ETXEton Excelsior RC (French)KRCKingston Rowing Club (Mayer)LEHLady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Lloyd)1/2 length2/3 length
26011:56W.J14.4X+ (E)338WTSWalbrook Teddington SRA (Williams)ARD/BEBArdingly/Bewl Bridge (Ardingly/Bewl)WTSWalbrook Teddington SRA (Snyders)3/4 length2 lengths
26112:00W.J14.4X+ (E)339MHDMaidenhead RC (Blakeslee)SWPSir William Perkins School (Mirpuri)TFNTiffin School BC (Talbot)a canvaseasily