Kingston Amateur Regatta

Saturday 8th July 2017

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Results for University of East Anglia

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Winner Second ThirdTimeVerdict 1:2Verdict 2:3Handicap
909:02IM3.4+33VRCVesta RC (Hunton)WOOWolfson College, OxfordUEAUniversity of East AngliaNTT1 length5 lengths
1009:06IM3.4+33CYGCygnet RCOACOxford Academicals RC3:554 lengths 
1109:10IM3.4+34AKNAuriol KensingtonLIN/LICLincoln/LinacreLVALVS Ascot Boat Club3:442 feetRow Over
1209:14IM3.4+34VRCVesta RC (Watson)KRCKingston RCNTTRow Over 
3310:38IM3.4+43VRCVesta RC (Hunton)CYGCygnet RC3:361 1/3 lengths 
3410:42IM3.4+43VRCVesta RC (Watson)AKNAuriol Kensington3:402 1/2 lengths 
4311:18IM3.4+ VRCVesta RC (Hunton)VRCVesta RC (Watson)NTT2 lengths 
14416:22IM1.1X LEALea Rowing ClubUEAUniversity of East AngliaBAEBarn Elms RC3:462 feet2 lengths